Making Sense Out of Microbial Products for My Operation

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Originally Aired - Sunday, July 14 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)

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Location: A223

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Title: Making Sense Out of Microbial Products for My Operation


More and more microbe-based products continually enter the greenhouse market claiming to take care of a variety of production issues. These claims range from the very vague “improves plant growth” to “controls plant diseases or pests.” Furthermore, some contain one microbe (aka microorganism) species while others may contain 10 or more different microbes or microbe strains. How does someone determine what’s real and what’s not from this ever-expanding field of microbial products?

This session will provide greenhouse and nursery growers with tools of discernment to help them identify those microorganism-based products that legitimately have the potential to help them prevent or resolve their production issues. We will describe microbe-based biopesticides, plant growth-promotion, and nutrient-access products and their modes of action, as well as examples of how some of them are used successfully in grower programs. 

Type: Growing

Knowledge Level: Fundamental

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